"THE SCOTT & RYAN STORY” is a heart-warming, family-friendly dramatic movie about two 10th graders delivering a peer-to-peer, simple yet powerful message. It’s a story about choices and consequences during the formative teenage years. It's also a story about second chances and will stir your heart as it leads up to an amazing accomplishment of two high schoolers'...both just 15 years old. 

Best of friends and together in every grade starting in elementary school, Scott and Ryan had an incredible ability beyond their years to banter about the sports stories and events of the day. As a result, Scott and Ryan were accepted into the broadcasting magnet program at Walker Middle School in Orlando, Florida. Continuing an interest in the field, Scott and Ryan were accepted into a highly competitive broadcasting magnet program at Dr. Phillips High School, also in Orlando, Florida.

As incoming high school freshmen, the overwhelming overload of teenage peer-pressure begins a dramatic story of expulsion from school, long-time best friends torn apart, a marriage severely strained…to lessons learned leading up to an amazing accomplishment. ​10th graders Scott and Ryan co-hosted a prime-time, weekly sports radio talk show before a studio audience with sports celebrities as live studio guests. 

The show was broadcast live to stations throughout the U.S. and Canada from the ESPN Club at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.

“THE SCOTT & RYAN STORY” is a project of the YSN Sports Broadcasting Academy.